Meet Mer

Travel with Mer is the result of a kaleidoscope of ideas and projects, where I explore travelling, the pressures of social media and how we as a generation navigate the world.


A seasoned Londoner, I’m passionate about all things involving photography and long walks. In this blog I’ll write about what I see while I travel, my ongoing experience with social media and beauty, and feminism. You can follow me on Instagram for snippets of my day-to-day life.

I work as a marketing professional in my day job, and when the London weather allows I sail on the Thames.

Start with the latest

5 podcasts to listen to this Autumn

There’s nothing better to warm up in Autumn than cosying up with a blanket, a candle and great podcast. I’ve put together a list of my current 5 favorite podcasts this year.

4 ways running has improved my mental health

I’m one more successful 5k to be a complete convert runner, a sport I discovered during the 2020 London Lockdown. Sport and exercise are proven tools to help improve mental health, so here are four ways it could help you.

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