Brexiting London – A Love Letter

This post is not about travel. It’s as personal as it gets. As the looming Brexit date makes me think twice about my surroundings, I’ve written London, the love of my life, a letter.

A lifebuoy in Rotherhite, London
A kiss to the lifebuoys, wondering who wants to swim

You’ve heard all about it. Maybe you’re like me and follow the news with obsessive preoccupation. Or perhaps you’ve decided to play the ostrich and hide your head in the sand. I don’t blame you, honest. Although you should reconsider your priorities and develop an interest in the world around you – just in case it all goes to hell.

I’ve been thinking about what I could write about Brexit. Giving my opinion or analysing the impact it’ll have on the economy and our lives seems a bit daunting. After all, I’m no expert. I have a theory that marital and couple counsellors will see a boost in their business due to international relationships breaking apart. Suddenly, a bunch of people will decide that visas are too much effort or they’ll bicker about which country to move to. Or not. Depends on what happens.

We have to think that we’re talking about a bunch of millennials – so it could very well happen. Don’t come at me for this – I’m a millennial myself and the whole bureaucracy surrounding the “settlement scheme” is tugging at my procrastinating heartstrings.

I joke.

Really this is all a huge mess and it’ll make life harder for a multitude of reasons. Will groceries be more expensive when suppliers need to pay an import tax? Potentially. The thought is daunting. Will huge businesses think twice about hiring Europeans ahead of the big day?

So in light of the constant flow of bad and worse news, I’ve decided to collate my favourite pictures of London. My city.

the shard in the background of the river
A nod to the Thames, witness to burning love and burned out talks
St Paul's Cathedral in London
Living in a dream, surrounded by people living their dreams
Fountain by St Pauls
Memories of grey days and glimpses of emotion
An abandoned Christmas Tree in London
A verse for the sandbanks, revealing all the secrets of the world
Nostalgia for the quiet moments and the secret escapes
mudlarkers in london
Remember when we walked the banks? Mudlarkers up to their knees in unearthed treasures.
Reconverted housing in London
Desire for converted housing, and a crane in my living room


Correction: A previous version of this article stated that EU citizens would have to pay a fee for settlement status. This is no longer the case.

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