Where to eat in Rome

Food says so much about a country and its culture. From the flavours, the portion size and the time of eating, there’s a lot to be learned from what we put in our mouths. Italy is one of the global centres of beloved cuisine so a trip to Rome had to include a selection of the most delightful food.

Teatro Marcello, Rome
Teatro Marcello

Mouthwatering seafood. Comforting yet simple pasta. Light tiramisus followed by perfectly made espressos. I doubt I can eat a single gram of carbs until March now, yet it was all worth it. By popular demand, here’s a list of my favourite restaurants in Rome.

Hostaria Da Pietro (****)

Spaghetti a la Vongole, tiramisu, fruit tart and chocolate

Tucked in a backstreet just off Piazza del Popolo, this lovely family-owned restaurant is popular among Italians and tourists alike.

Hostaria da Pietro
Not pictured: everything else I ate but was too busy eating to photograph.

The food is simply delicious, and the wine menu is refreshingly challenging.

Trattoria di Paolo D’Alfonsi (****)

Aubergine with ricotta, fetuccine ai gamberi e zucchini, tiramisu

A delightful surprise in Trastevere. This small trattoria was, without a doubt, a tourist trap. Nonetheless, the family running the restaurant did so with so much grace and passion that it was impossible not to fall in love. Traditional decor mixed in with homemade pasta of the day and house wine result in a satisfying meal.

Papagio (***)

Suppe di pesce

Potentially the only time I did not eat pasta while in Rome. I was feeling tired and sluggish, and I desperately needed something light and warm. I jumped to opportunity of fish soup, so you can imagine our surprise when we received a boatful of seafood. It was outstanding.

The ambience was not great. In fact, we were the only table that evening and the food could have been warmer.

La Taverna dei Quaranta (****)

Fiori di zucca, fetuccini ai carcciofi, tiramisu

I couldn’t have ended my trip in a better way. I strolled on my own to this small tavern in search of a frugal meal. I came out a full and satisfied ball of pasta and tiramisu.

Fiori di zucca, or stuffed courgette/zucchini flowers, are a delicacy on its own. No trip to Rome is finished without trying them so I was determined to get my portion. I eagerly received my flowers followed with some fetuccini of the day. The owners were accommodating for solo travellers, and the food was outstanding. Nobody judged me when I literally jumped at the waitress when I saw the tiramisu on offer.

About Rome

Colosseum in Rome
Rome has a multitude of backstreets and secret alleyways.

Rome is one of those cities brimming with culture, architecture, history and possibilities. Consequently, it is an unbeatable tourism machine. In Rome, you’ll find queues and souvenirs wherever you go. If you’re a first timer, you will be tempted to only focus on the “Instagrammable places” (Colosseum, Fontana di Trevi, Boca de la Verita) but I heartily encourage you to read up on the Roman Empire and the Reinassance. Only then will you appreciate the wonders of this city.

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