Hampi in pictures – when I stood on the foundations of the Earth

Hampi is an ancient village in Karnataka, Southern India. Part of UNESCO World Heritage, Hampi comprises a group of monuments and temples scattered across an expanse of mountains, rivers and rice paddies. The mountains are made of prehistorical boulders, and different temple complexes make you feel you are walking on the foundations of civilisation.

Enjoying this area as a visitor was an absolute privilege, and not a day I’ll forget soon. Here are some of my favourite photographs from then. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them.

Marble workers in Hampi

A beautiful road in Hampi

Local fishermen in the traditional boat

The view from Anjaneya Hill, birth place of Lord Hanuman (or the Monkey God).

Local shepherd in Hampi

Woman in traditional dress in Vittala Temple
A tourist waits for her family in Vittala Temple.
Visitors in Vittala Temple
Visitors in Vittala Temple.
Vittala Temple sculptures
Kamasutra sculptures in Vittala Temple Complex
Ruins in
The Queen’s Bath
Ruins in Hampi, South India.
Couple at the Queen’s Bath.
Lotus Mahal
Lotus Mahal, or Summer Palace.
The king's elephant enclosure
The elephant enclosure.

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Walking on the foundations of the Earth

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