Taj Mahal – a gorgeous monument to love

The Taj Mahal, UNESCO Heritage, is on most traveler’s lists of monuments to see in India. And there’s no wonder why. Although I’d seen it countless times in films, magazines and photographs, I was giddy with excitement as we approached Agra. I just could not wait to finally admire it with my own eyes.

The great majority of visitors where local tourists, who’d come to visit or to celebrate a wedding.

It was Monsoon season so it was raining, but if anything it made the whole experience the more memorable and beautiful.

Tourists enjoying our shared visit inside the Taj Mahal. Pictures are only allowed outside.

After going through security and inching our way to the main gate, I was left breathless. If anything, the Taj was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

The Monsoon started to clear out towards the end.

Visiting a monument such as the Taj Mahal always makes me happy, and it was difficult to finally say goodbye. Once we were on our overnight train to Varanasi, we met an elderly couple who shared snacks and jokes with us. When he was a boy, he told me, he and his friends would wake up early to go and play in the gardens. What a dream it must have been.

View from Agra’s Fort during the heaviest rainfall I’ve ever seen.

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