Lilia – Fertility Experiences: Child Birth

Content Warning: this post includes photographs of the naked female body.

This is the first of a series of three posts in which Lilia talks about female fertility. You meet Lilia, and you might think she is a nature goddess who has come back to earth and to the 21st century to grace us with her presence. Here is her full, uncensored story.

‘Sacred is male and female.’
“Sacred is male and female.”

Lilia gave birth to her son at her parents in law’s home. She had been working on childbirth for 3 years. For her, taking the decision of giving birth in a home environment was natural. She tells me that during most of the labour she was in a trance and the pain was not as bad as some would think. “It can be orgasmic and pleasurable”, she says in between sips of coffee.

According to her own experience as a doula and as a mother, Lilia does not think that birth has to be a painful experience. The media and institutional discourses can lead women around the world to think that they need medicine and powerful drugs to give birth, although in Lilia’s perspective the human body already has everything it needs for a successful and emotional experience. Of course there will be pain and discomfort, yet it is crucial we understand that we can do it in our own time and at our own pace. Child birth can be a pleasant experience.

Lilia says that, during the birth of her own son, she was in a trance. The birth lasted 23 hours, and her first thought was ‘Shit, it’s over!’.


Lilia has written four books on female bodily experiences to date and is planning to write her master thesis in fertility policies for women in the military.

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