If you think about it, SuperWoman would be way better and classier than SuperMan because SuperWoman wouldn’t go around flaunting an air of arrogance and entitlement. This is my belief, and Jessica proved me right.


Basics first. Jessica has lived in Guinea, Italy, and England. She can speak English, French, Spanish, Italian, and is currently learning Eritrean to surprise her mother. Right now, she is studying for a Master degree at the LSE, although she comes from a background in law.

We meet in a coffee shop right outside of campus and she seems a little nervous in front of the camera. Jessica tells me that she doesn’t know what to tell, she is a regular girl.

She mentions a break up with a boyfriend. It doesn’t seem like much, she says, but it still affected her.

She had been living with her boyfriend and other friends for some time. Breakups, even when you are young like Jessica and your life is ahead of you, can be disruptive and destructive. She tells me that because they were living in such a tight household, her leaving caused some distance between she and her friends. Eventually, he who stays keeps the friends.

The Little Things That Get You

‘It’s funny how the little things get to us’

Jessica tells me that she ended up homeless and alone. For a short while she had to share a bed with a close friend because they didn’t have anywhere else to go.

Happy endings, though, come to good people. Jessica has always stayed positive in life and does not let the world get to her. We talk a little bit about her future. She wants to work in feminist agriculture and policy, but is also considering film production.

Jessica is the kind of SuperWoman you find every once in a while. In her free time she volunteers representing unprivileged children all while she juggles her Master and her jobĀ as a waitress.


She tells me she feels privileged. ‘We have to stay positive’, she says as we wrap up.

What I take home with me, aside from fantastic shots, is the feeling of positivity and encouragement. If you are like Jessica, you pull through your bad times. Sometimes the obstacles that cross your path might seem smaller or less relevant than others’, but that doesn’t mean they have the potential of slowing you down. If you stay positive, you might just pull through.


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