Thelma and Louise Spanish Version Part 9: Washington DC

In my experience, driving into Washington is probably one of the most terrifying situations a novel traveller can find themselves. In my defence, the trip had been longer than expected and rather tedious. From the trip I vaguely remember stopping every once in a while for food or the loo, getting stuck in traffic and getting my legs numb. By the time we managed to not get lost and take the right exit, I couldn’t really care if the view was pretty or not. I just wanted to get to the hostel, leave my bags and return the car ASAP. I was sad we had to leave our AWESOME MUSTANG (did you know we got a MUSTANG?? Because I drove a MUSTANG!! Yay!), but also thankful that my driving marathon was finally over. I couldn’t wait to use my legs.


And boy, did I use them. We were only staying for two nights in Washington, so we had to make the most of it and fast. It was also during the weekend and Sunday was completely dead (I mean it, nothing open! If you think I just didn’t do my research just let me know in the comments with tips for the next time I go). No problem though, we started with a monument tour at night. It was long and beautiful, and we saw everything we were meant supposed to see.

WhiteHouse Blue Obelisc Mr.President Monument

My favourite part of Washington, however, is the Museum of Women in Arts. It is a free museum exhibiting works from female artists, ranging from the portraits by Frida Kahlo to short films. It was spectacular. The saddest part is that in the whole building there were only 12 visitors, us included. If you live in Washington, or plan to travel there soon, make sure you visit them. It is the most peaceful, interactive and interesting museum I’ve ever been to. That and the National Geographic. Obviously I had to go, as a rather interesting traveller, the NG was my mecca.

It was an express visit, and I certainly hope to go back soon and explore the city.

Time was pressing, and we had to make it to New York.

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