Thelma and Louise Spanish Version Part 8: Rodanthe

Rodanthe, Rodanthe, Rodanthe. When I looked for Rodanthe in a map, I knew we had to go. I had read the novel years ago, but I didn’t remember much of the plot. Nonetheless, Rodanthe appealed as a frontier protecting the beautiful North Carolina from the unpredictability of the ocean. It was beautiful. It was also an adventure because we had absolutely no clue of what we were going to find. I was missing the wind of the sea so much that I thought I could trick myself into looking into the Atlantic, imagining home at the other end, also staring ahead in a mute conversation.

Windy Beach

I loved Rodanthe and I will go back before it is too late. I will go to see the wild horses and the huge lighthouse. I loved the island, and the silence, and the quiet suspicion from the locals. One day…


2 thoughts on “Thelma and Louise Spanish Version Part 8: Rodanthe

  1. My parents have a timeshare (through Wyndham, I believe), and we threw my father a surprise 60th birthday in their timeshare in Nags Head a few years ago. Mom planned a birthday getaway there for them, and myself, my brother, and sisters — 4 of us total — were told to arrive early to surprise him. It was a great time! I’m writing an Alphabetical Blog, and Nags Head was in the running for my “N” location; I eventually chose Naperville, IL, though. Most of my choices are in the west, though. You might want to check it out: Feel free to make comments if you visit!

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    1. For the sounds of it, it was a great party! I’m looking forward to reading your posts soon! Keep coming back here, x


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